Ugly Sweaters for a Good Cause

In downtown Toronto, homelessness can sometimes be very visible. People sleeping on the streets in freezing temperatures; people sitting on the sidewalk asking for your spare change; people lining up in long queues to seek shelter or a warm meal.

These scenes of despair can be heartbreaking, but can also inspire heart-felt responses.

sharin-shaziaLast year, during the holiday season, Shirin and Shazia turned a social gathering into an opportunity to help others and share the spirit of giving with folks who seem to have less. They held a party with the popular “Ugly Christmas Sweater” theme, and asked invited guests to donate $5/person which they would donate to a good cause. Helping Street Health respond to the effects of winter chill for people who are homeless was the cause that they chose! Shazia and Shirin contacted us to identify what items our clients needed most, purchased them and delivered them to our offices. Personal hygiene items, warm winter clothes and feminine hygiene supplies can all add dignity and reduce harms associated with life on the street. Our clients benefit directly from thoughtful in-kind donations such as this.

Many thanks for another tangible way of providing support; these contributions are distributed daily to clients who need supplies. Street Health sees more than 100 clients each day; this support means we have the items people require at the time when they need them most.