The Lived Experience of Harm Reduction: a CBC Radio Interview

Many people have little direct knowledge of what life is like for people who are homeless, who have a drug addiction, or for those who deal with both.

Also, many know little about what services are available to help tackle these intersecting challenges.

Mary Wiens, a specials producer at CBC Radio’s Metro Morning program came here to Street Health to discover what life is like for the people who we serve. She met with one of the graduates of our peer support worker program, walked a mile in his shoes, and learned about the value of the Harm Reduction supports that we offer.

Thank you Mary for your insightful and sensitive coverage of the challenges folks with addictions struggle with. Your representation of Greg and others was truly remarkable as you were able to present their stories in a way that allows others to see past the judgment and gain some understanding of the daily struggles faced by people living with addictions. Having you give voice to folks who are often voiceless and legitimizing Harm Reduction strategies will hopefully go a long way in changing the public discourse about drug policy, appropriate funding, and eliminating stigma.