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Join Street Health to demand that the provincial government restore funding for Overdose Prevention Sites in Toronto.

Supervised-consumption sites are safe spaces where people can inject pre-obtained drugs under the supervision of trained health professionals. In the absense of these safe sites, people may use in unsafe places & some of those people may die. Some of those people may die.

We grieve for the thousands who already have!

We demand funding to maintain this life-saving health care at Street Health, 338 Dundas St. East:

  • Our site is located at the Toronto epicenter for overdose-related 911 calls.
  • We provide this service in a community that includes many who are homeless or lack secure housing.
  • Our staff provides a safe, accessible and trusted space.
  • More than 60% of our OPS clients are women and/or members of racialized groups (who feel safer here than anywhere else).

On March 29th, 2019 the provincial government announced they would no longer fund Street Health’s OPS.

Despite this funding cut, Street Health will keep our OPS OPEN until the end of April 2019…to ensure that clients have the information and supports they continue to need. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients have access to this life-saving support during these uncertain times.

Please add your voice to our efforts to have this funding cut reversed:

Send a letter or email to Minister of Health, Christine Elliott


Sign the Progress Toronto petition

Need more information? Contact Street Health at: info@streethealth.ca or 416-921-8668