Shelter Crisis, Open the Armoury


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The Canadian Press: Toronto looking into opening armoury to help deal with homeless seeking shelter

The City of Toronto’s shelter system is in crisis. Street Health and other front-line agencies and advocacy groups have been working collectively and relentlessly to advocate for the city’s immediate response to this worsening homelessness and shelter crisis. We have been pressing the city to open the Moss Park Armoury as an emergency response, and to also seek long term solutions; a petition with over 40,000 signatures demanded the same. This continued advocacy, and growing need may have swayed the city’s initial resistance to the idea, because they are now actively considering it.

In this Canadian Press article, Kapri Rabin, our executive director, applauded the city’s proposal to use the armoury.

“What’s particularly positive about the armoury in the downtown east is it’s located in an area where there is a huge community of folks who have no place to go and are in temporary 24-hour facilities that are not suitable for people to actually live in,” she said, noting that some of those centres do not have amenities like showers.

But Rabin said the move does not address the growing long-term need for more shelter space and affordable housing, “I think there needs to be a much larger discussion around the crisis that actually exists in the shelter system, which isn’t a new crisis,” she said. “The city is always in this position of having to respond to things at the last minute.”

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-image: The Chronicle Herald