OPS Report Released

Findings from Evaluation of the Overdose Prevention Site (OPS) at Street Health Released.

Click here to read the full Press Release from the official launch of this Evaluation Report on January 21, 2020.

Press coverage included:

Toronto Star 

680 News



Findings from the report include major health and social impacts for clients:

1) Reduced overdose related harms because staff are onsite to immediately respond when overdoses occur

2) Increased safer drug use since clients are able to consume drugs slowly, in a calm environment, with sterile equipment.

3) Improved engagement with health and social services, since OPS staff can help connect clients to other health and social services available on site and in the community


Potential impacts of the Overdose Prevention Sites closing:

1) Increased public drug use and overdoses would occur in the community, as clients who were using within the OPS lose access to a safe place to use drugs

2) Increased risk of overdose-related harms, including death, due to people being forced to use alone and/or in public spaces without supervision from trained staff

3) Loss of accessible options for people who use drugs, who expressed a strong preference for the small, calm sites at Street Health and St. Stephen’s OPS

4) Interruptions of connections to wrap-around healthcare and social services.


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