Growth, Strength & Branching Out

Mosaic Build 4

“Things aren’t always what you see”

When Street Health and Red Dress Productions asked community members to share their thoughts, memories and connections to the Regent Park neighbourhood, some recurring themes emerged: gestures of human kindness, community, welcoming and elements of nature.

Participants created drawings of trees which artist Anna Camilleri incorporated into the final design. Now clients and community members are rolling up their sleeves to make a hands-on contribution.  

Mosaic Build 5

Members of the community were invited to drop-in art sessions to help built the actual mosaic that will decorate our front gate. Before their eyes, and by their hands, brainstorm ideas were turning into physical works of art. During these creative art sessions, group discussions were informative and reflective – with participants sharing their insights. “Tree imagery may represent growth, strength and branching out, but trees are much more. Their roots are an anchor and they are essential to maintaining life,” observes Dan Buckley, who also facilitates Street Health’s weekly art drop-in. “Trees remind us that things aren’t always just what you see.”

Street Health’s clients include individuals experiencing homelessness, seniors struggling with isolation and poverty, and people who must rely on the city’s emergency shelter options. Just like a tree, each is much more than just their immediate, visible circumstance. We’d like to thank the Seniors’ Secretariate, community partners at the CRC, Regent Park CHC, All Saints Church and Houselink (and refreshments provided by Starbucks), this mosaic project is creating access to a community-engaged arts opportunity.

Participants are demonstrating another side of who they are – which may not always be the immediate thing we see.

Open, drop-in mosaic creation sessions continue *no experience necessary*:  

  • March 7, 4-7 PM at Regent Park CHC
  • March 14, 1-3 PM at Street Health