Executive Director's Notice – Fencing at Street Health


July 26, 2019

It is with reluctance that Street Health has agreed to erect a fence to prevent access onto our property when we are closed. This was a very difficult decision and taken in response to a great deal of pressure. Some neighbours are concerned about people congregating on Street Health property after hours and on the weekends, about excessive noise, garbage and other activities.

We had hoped that other initiatives Street Health has taken would have effectively addressed the concerns. These ongoing initiatives include: hiring an outreach staff person to engage with and support clients in front of the property, picking up used needles, initiating an early morning clean up, and posting signs and distributing notices about reducing excessive noise and garbage. But these solutions have not resolved the concerns after hours and on the weekends.

Many of the people who gather in front of Street Health are homeless and have nowhere else to go. A fence may address the concerns of some neighbours in the short term but it is not a solution to the much larger social problems of poverty and homelessness. 

The fence erected today is a temporary one and will be replaced with a permanent fence after public consultation and funding from the City of Toronto is secured.

Street Health will continue to be an advocate for people who are the most marginalized and we will continue to work in partnership with other stakeholders, community members and clients to find long term solutions to ending poverty and homelessness.

For further information please contact:


Kapri Rabin, Executive Director

Street Health

338 Dundas st. E

Toronto, M5A 2A1


416-921-8668 ext 231

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