Community Art Workshops

Red Dress Productions

Drop-In Art Workshops:

When we renovated our Clinical space to make it wheelchair accessible, we also re-paved the walkway and installed a new metal gate. However, the gate is tall grey imposing & very “institutional” in appearance. To make our front entrance more welcoming, we’ve enlisted the help of Toronto-based art collective Red Dress Productions to create a community collaborative mosaic project. Red Dress meets with members of the community to learn about the people, the places, the history, and the heart of the area. Brainstorming sessions generate artistic expressions which capture that sense of community. Community participation guides each step of the process, from initial images & colour scheme to final approval of the mosaic’s imagery. Participants from earlier mosaics can still walk around the city, point to past projects and say, “…see those two blue birds, that was my idea”.


Community members are invited to join one or all of the following Drop-In Art Workshops!

Please share with your clients & colleagues…


Tues. Jan 23 (1:30-2:30 pm)         Seniors Art Drop-In                        Christian Resource Centre (40 Oak St.)

Wed. Jan 24 (2:30-3:30 pm)         Art Drop-In                                     Street Health (338 Dundas Street East)

Thurs. Jan 25 (1:30-3 pm)            Women-Only Drop-In                   All Saints Church (315 Dundas St. East)

Tues. Jan 30 (1- 3 PM)                   Residents Drop-In                          155 Sherbourne Street

Wed. Jan 31 (4-7 pm)                     Community Drop-In                     Regent Park CHC (465 Dundas St. East)

Wed. Feb 7 (1-3 pm)                       Drop-In                                            285 Shuter Street