Anti-Black Racism, a Public Health Crisis


Anti-Black Racism


Street Health shares in the collective grief and outrage of the murder of George Floyd, the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet and the many other Black people who have died due to policing in our city and other cities across North America. Systemic racism, colonialism and violence are issues that continue to impact many members of our community in multiple ways, including health disparity, poverty, discrimination in shelter and housing, and in cuts to social services and community programs. Street Health is in solidarity with the call for a Declaration of Anti-Black Racism as a public health crisis by local Black Health Leaders We are committed to addressing the many manifestations of Anti-Black racism, to the ongoing work of reducing harm and challenging oppressive systems. We urge each and every individual to consider their own privileges and how they may benefit from racist structures, to question their own misconceptions, and to unlearn their own biases and beliefs about Black, Indigenous and racialized peoples.