30 Donor Stories – Workplace Culture of Philanthropy

Making a charitable contribution through payroll deduction is a way of donating many employers offer. While people may be familiar with workplace payroll deduction giving for annual United Way campaigns, smaller employers may also offer this option to their staff. This is especially true in workplaces that are committed to developing an internal community of philanthropy – encouraging staff to give their time, expertise and donations in the community.

“When I started working at Street Health, I knew it was an organization that I wanted to support both financially and through my work,” states Joyce Rankin, Clinical Manager. “I asked our payroll staff and they helped me set up a payroll deduction. My charitable receipt is included on my T4A. I’m glad to have this donation happen automatically. As a staff person, I know the money I put forth is used directly for client care. As a donor, I know every contribution helps with the work that we do.


Clinical Manager, Joyce Rankin

Street Health is not a United Way member agency, but we do receive funding through their Winter Relief Program. We also receive designated gifts through the United Way’s employee payroll deduction program. United Way donors can choose to designate their contribution to any registered charity and these funds come to agencies like Street Health during the course of the year.

“I like the ease of making donations through payroll deduction,” comments Joyce. “Street Health staff are incredible advocates, as well as staff who work tirelessly for our clients. I’m happy to take this one step further and demonstrate how staff can also be donors. For me it is an easy sell because I get to see the great work being done at Street Health every day.”