30 Donor Stories – Thank You, Anonymous

“Street Health is fortunate to have a base of regular donors,” recognizes Kapri Rabin, Executive Director. “This support is vital to everything we are able to do in the community. Some of our donors prefer to remain anonymous and we respect that request. We want all of our donors to know that they are an important part of all we do.”

Why do some donors prefer to remain anonymous? While each donor has their own individual motivation, for some this desire to avoid recognition may stem from a belief that giving should be done without expecting anything in return. Other donors prefer to remain private to ensure they are not overcome by additional requests and solicitations. Street Health embraces all of our donors and welcomes the opportunity to work with each donor to support your giving preferences and priorities.

“Most of all, Street Health needs every donor to know how much we value their contribution. Big gifts and small, monthly donors, bequests, community group efforts, in-kind, anonymous donors – every contribution enables Street Health to help individuals who are homeless and under-housed. No matter how many times we say it, we can’t thank our donors enough,” states Kapri. “For 30 years, Street Health donors have been making a difference. Thanks to our donors we continue to work on the systemic barriers to health and ensure every individual has access to the services they need.”


Thank you Street Health donors!