30 Donor Stories – Remembering Lois

Street Health has the great fortune of receiving support from many long-standing donor groups. In fact, several groups have supported Street Health since the very beginning. One such contributor is the congregation from Lemonville United Church. Our connection with Lemonville dates back to Betty Jordan, who was one of the first nurse volunteers at Street Health. “Betty was a passionate advocate of the services provided by Street Health,” remembers Marion Wells. “She told us about the pressing community needs and our donations committee knew we wanted to help.” So began a relationship that has lasted over the years, with the women’s group gathering essential winter items and providing an annual cash donation.

17B Visual Remembering Lois.jpg

Lois McGinn (centre), at the Street Health Open House -October 2016

This fall Street Health staff were saddened to hear of the sudden death of Lois McGinn, who was one of the women’s group founding members and a committed ally of Street Health. “Lois was an incredible individual, very active in our church, community and with a number of important causes. She did so much to help those in need during her life and she will be sadly missed,” states her friend Marion (pictured above, right)

“Over the years, Lois and the women’s group have been wonderful contributors to Street Health,” acknowledges Kapri Rabin, Executive Director. “The memorial contributions Street Health receives are used to support our Nursing and Community Outreach programs. We think Lois would be pleased to know that programs she passionately supported continue to serve people in her memory.”