30 Donor Stories – Much Needed (and Appreciated) Donations

Donors with long and evolving connections to Street Health enrich what we can offer to clients, and add stability to our ability to do so.

One such donor group is Fairlawn Avenue United Church whose Outreach Committee has been providing support for 11 years. “Our committee used to organize an Outreach Fair so our congregation could talk with representatives from the community organizations we support,” states past Chairperson Elaine. “Our group worked from the United Way’s list of priority neighbourhoods and Street Health was selected as a community service that aligned with our committee’s mandate.”

Over time this connection also evolved to include support from the church’s book sale. “Last year our incredible volunteers sorted and put out more than 660 boxes of donated books,” comments Jan who has coordinated the sale for the last five years. “We had more than 700 customers purchasing books. Of course, at a sale this size, there are always high quality books remaining, so we invite several small charities and community groups to come and select books to make available to their clients. Street Health is one of the organizations that receives these books and it is great to hear that this donation is so well received and appreciated! This book sale has been happening for 55 years and it’s amazing how well it connects our volunteers as well as benefiting the community.”


Bruce: great books can lead to good conversations.

Financial donations ensure that Street Health has the staff and resources which supported over 55,000 client visits last year. The donation of books, like donations of personal care products and sleeping bags, provide much needed immediate support to clients. “When I’m reading, I’m right into the book – it doesn’t matter if it is a spy, mystery or drama,” states Bruce, one of those who enjoys the books provided. “Great books can lead to good conversations. I would just like to say thanks to everyone who contributes to the book sale and the community donations. For me, it feels like one of the best days when those books arrive because it opens up new worlds!”