30 Donor Stories – Monthly Donors, Helping Out When You Can

While downtown receiving a series of medical treatments at St. Michael’s Hospital, Dorothy was struck by the number of people she saw sleeping on the streets. “Over the course of my appointments, I often saw people who appeared to be homeless or have nowhere to go. I also saw individuals who, like me, were at the hospital receiving healthcare and I was very impressed by the level of respect the healthcare providers gave to all the patients.” Seeing this made Dorothy want to learn more about organizations that provide healthcare and support to those who are homeless. She turned to Canada Helps, an online donation tool, which provides profiles on charity activities and a range of ways to donate. “I like to use Canada Helps to learn about charities and use the monthly donating option which helps to keep me organized and is an easy way to manage my donations to various causes.”

Dorothy reflects on why she thinks being a regular donor is important, “My parents taught me how important it is to help out when you can.” This thinking is part of her Jewish heritage and the concept of mitzvah – a good deed, done without any expectation of recognition. “Both my mom and dad were immigrants and they faced many struggles in creating our life in Canada. They were both active community volunteers,” remembers Dorothy. “Right now, my husband is active as a volunteer and I take care of our charitable contributions. Using Canada Helps is easy and I know that my contribution is going to help those who need the support and respect they find at Street Health.”

Becoming a monthly donor is one way that individuals support Street Health. Your regular contribution can be set up online through Canada Helps or through Street Health’s fundraising office. If you have questions on how you can donate to Street Health contact our Fundraising office at (416) 921-8669, x 229.


People from all walks of life give us their support, and we appreciate every one. Our thanks to Dorothy and all Street Health donors – your contributions make our work possible!