30 Donor Stories – Memorial Gifts Have a Lasting Impact

For many of us, there are times and situations when making a donation has special significance.

Gifts that recognize the end of an individual’s life are a way many chose to remember a family member, relative or friend who has passed away. The end of life is a sad occasion for family and friends. Marking this occasion by making a donation can reflect a continuing love, respect or honour to those we have lost.

Jean, a longtime Street Health donor, trained as a nurse in Toronto. When her nursing colleague and long time friend passed away, Jean’s donation to Street Health offered a way to mark a life that focused on helping others receive healthcare and support in the community. “My friend volunteered at the Metropolitan United Church Out of the Cold program for many years and even after she stopped being a regular helper she continue to bake and deliver cookies,” Jean recalls. “I know my donation to Street Health in her memory is a way to continue what she believed in.”


Jean’s support for Street Health began with her respect for the founding nurses, but has continued in part due to our innovation and forward thinking responses to clients’ needs. “I’ve been impressed that Street Health looks beyond individuals immediate physical needs. Something as innovative as providing a mailing address for people who are homeless or don’t have secure housing is so significant.”

Street Health’s Mail Service and ID Storage programs provide a secure, confidential place for individuals to receive and store the information and documents they often need. “I want my donations to help people in ways that extend beyond giving them a dollar or two on the street. Making a gift in honour of my dear friend is a way of recognizing her life-long devotion to helping others, a way of celebrating what was important to her.”