30 Donor Stories – Investing in Health and Wellbeing


“I’ve been a long-time supporter of Street Health simply because every time I go out on the street I see the persistent need,” remarks Geoff who has supported Street Health since 2003.

“I give to Street Health knowing the organization is helping people deal with their problems so they can move on with their lives.” Geoff  makes a donation several times each year recognizing the different, but equally challenging conditions individuals who are homeless face during both the winter and the summer months.

Street Health is committed to ensuring the scope and reach of programs offered is responsive to client needs. A recent example is the creation of bank account clinics, an initiative that supports people who lack I.D. In early 2016, the federal government stopped issuing printed cheques, switching exclusively to direct-deposit. At our monthly bank clinics, individuals have opened bank accounts to continue receiving federal payments including GST Rebates, Old Age Security and Canada Pension. “I personally don’t know anyone who is homeless or struggling,” says Geoff. “As a downtown resident, however, I see people in these situations and I know it is important to have organizations like Street Health who are helping to address the issues these individuals can face.”

“Though many of today’s younger generation are themselves being challenged due to the economy and a tight job market, I would encourage them to give whatever they can to support organizations like Street Health,” suggests Geoff. “A donation to Street Health is a sound investment in the health and wellbeing of our city.”


Thanks to donors like Geoff, Street Health provides healthcare and related services that supported over 55,000 client visits last year.