30 Donor Stories – Giving At the Community Level

As a registered nurse, Mary’s decades of practice included working in the surgical unit, emergency department, renal dialysis and the renal transplant units before she moved into management. She now oversees the Women’s and Children’s Program as part of St. Michael’s Hospital’s Inner City Health Program.

“St. Mike’s has one of the most diverse patient populations of any hospital in Ontario,” Mary notes, “We serve everyone from downtown-area youth to Bay Street professionals. A large number of individuals who are homeless are also seen in the emergency department.”

Witnessing how nursing and the role of hospitals have changed, Mary became eager to also offer her experience and knowledge at the community level. “Medical advancements and healthcare demands have changed the way hospitals serve people. It is much more of an in-and-out service nowadays. Hospitals play an important role in keeping people healthy but now, more than ever, the maintenance and long term support that patients need is actually provided at the community level. This is why Street Health is so important and deserves any support each of us is able to give.”

Three years ago, as her way of giving, Mary joined Street Health’s Board of Directors.

Board Member, Mary (back row, third from right)

“Shortly after I joined the Board, Street Health began its strategic planning process which brought the staff and Board members together to plan. At that time, and it certainly continues today, I was impressed by the level of staff commitment for the needs of their clients. The patience and attention I’ve observed are both dynamic and truly inspirational! I’m pleased to volunteer my time, and my regular donations, to Street Health because I understand the need and how the community is served by our programs.”

Thanks to the volunteer and financial contributions of Street Health supporters, we are able to provide a responsive, evolving range of innovative services that nurture health and well-being. Mary contemplates for a moment, “We know building a strong community requires a team effort. Sharing our knowledge, ideas and resources promotes optimal health and brighter futures for all members.”