30 Donor Stories – Filling the Gap

Individuals can sometimes experience homelessness due to circumstances that are unpredictable and out of their control, unforeseen events which then compound into a downward spiral.

Working in the justice system, Paula represents vulnerable clients who experience great difficulty in accessing services. “Being able to access healthcare is a basic human need that most of us take for granted. In my work I unfortunately see many people who, due to their personal life story, have been left without any positive choices. They have reached a point where they need to find a bridge to help them rise above their immediate situation. Helping to fill this gap is what I see Street Health doing and why I’m a long-time contributor.”

Throughout our 30 year history, Street Health has delivered nursing and outreach support on the street, at local community meeting places and at our 338 Dundas Street East offices – supports that are accessible, reliable, and non-judgmental.   “I’ve always seen Street Health being part of the solution that helps people who face incredible challenges. Going to the people. Showing dignity for all people in providing services. This is what Street Health does – and on a shoe string budget.”



“I’m also a runner and have finished the Boston Marathon seven times,” says Paula. “There is often not a starting gun or finish line to the challenges people face. Without proper health care, support and ability to set goals, some individuals can’t even get to the starting line of their goal. Thankfully through Street Health, individuals can access physical and mental healthcare whenever and wherever they need it.”

Through advocacy and a client-centered approach, Street Health will continue to provide this necessary community support.