30 Donor Stories – Creating Opportunity with My Giving

30 Donor Stories – Creating Opportunity with My Giving

Many Street Health donors want their donations to help in creating a more just society.

“I want to help those who haven’t had the same advantages or have been overlooked and need help,” states Tom, a Street Health donor from Oakville who has been giving for over seven years. “I remember some time ago reading about people who live in really marginal conditions – in a shelter or rooming house, and didn’t even have a secure location to receive their mail. My support is influenced, not by guilt, but by the desire to be just and create greater opportunity.”

“Through my contributions,” Tom continues, “I get to direct money to the causes that are important to me. “When we pay taxes, that money goes toward whatever the government deems important. By making significant charitable contributions, I’m ensuring my concerns and priorities receive funding. At the same time I’m gaining significant tax relief.” Street Health is a registered charity and can provide a charitable tax receipt for donations. To learn more on how charitable giving can provide you with a tax credit, please visit Canada Revenue Agency – http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/donors


“When we appreciate the situations other people face, we develop empathy – and this is one of the greatest powers to create a more equal society,” Tom believes. “It is the responsibility of each of us to make our views known. For an individual like myself, I could easily spend several hundred dollars hosting a nice family meal at a local restaurant. I also need to think about what it must be like to have only that same amount of money available each month to pay for everything you need (including rent, transportation, food, and personal supplies). When we understand other peoples’ situations our donations and giving will support community-based organizations like Street Health to ensure that no individual is turned away from the support and referrals they need.”