30 Donor Stories – Collective Action Provides Community Support

In recent years, group donations have become an increasingly popular activity.

These may be formally organized by service agencies with a specific fundraising priority or as informal as colleagues, friends or neighbours gathering donations at a birthday party. The way that these donations are gathered is as varied and imaginative as those who choose to undertake the activity.

For one downtown Toronto condo board, their donation to Street Health grew out of their building’s recycling efforts. “Our condo has a group of five volunteers who help to collect and return beer, wine and liquor bottles,” explains Lester, who lives in the Distillery District. “Not everyone has a car to drop these empties off, so we started to collect and return the bottles. We use the funds to support our condo gardening and social committees, as well as making donations to Street Health.”

“Our building has a range of residents, many of whom are very community-minded and socially conscious,” remarks Lester, on behalf of the group. “We want this group donation to make a difference for people who need help in our community. We have seen first-hand the good work being done by Street Health and we want to ensure that it continues.”


Street Health thanks the many donor groups who regularly provide contributions – these fundraising efforts turn community spirit and collective action into tangible, reliable supports for the clients that we serve.