30 Donor Stories – Caring For Those in Need

15b-visual-social-justiceA commitment to social justice is a driving force for many people. For Cathy, a desire to do good for others is among her earliest memories.

Her support for Street Health began while working as a film editor on a documentary about homelessness and youth. Realizing that homelessness can impact individuals who are any age, orientation or background, she wanted to do more. “I kept asking myself – how do people fall between the cracks and become someone who lacks the security of housing? At that time the Ontario government was making massive cuts to social programs and the impact was obvious to anyone who wanted to acknowledge the situation. How could a province where many people have so much extraordinary privilege care so little for those in need?”

Cathy now finds inspiration in the words of social and political thinkers like Naomi Klein who challenge us to recognize how systemic issues compound issues like climate change and homelessness. “Many of us could be just one illness or life catastrophe away from becoming homeless. I support Street Health because they offer services that are – nonjudgmental, caring, friendly, approachable and respectful – these are the qualities and vision that I live by and want to support.”

Through donation and advocacy Street Health’s supporters make important ongoing contributions to the work we do – thank you for making a difference!