30 Donor Stories – Always in My Heart and Mind « What's Up at Street Health

For some Street Health donors, their motivation to give a gift is connected to their religious beliefs.

Street Health receives contributions from a variety of faith organizations and also from specific segments of religious communities. These donations often come with hand-written notes and highlight how caring for those in need is truly a universal belief.


Pastor Jim has been a Street Health donor since 2003 and, for a number of years, has also encouraged the Chinese Fellowship at his church to raise funds for important community efforts, including regular donations to Street Health. “I must admit that helping the homeless is always in my heart and mind,” states Pastor Jim. “Many of the teachings we share in our weekly service refer to caring for those who are in need. We try to do this in ways that have the most impact: volunteering, providing warm clothing and sleeping bags, and being donors.”

“In our Chinese fellowship, we are all immigrants of one type or another. We are fortunate to have shelter, food and clothing. Like many Canadians, we are both privileged and blessed to have advantages, which many other countries lack.”

Recognizing the stress and pressure that homelessness and a lack of stable housing can put on individuals and families, Pastor Jim understands exactly why Street Health provides both physical and mental health support, “Here in Canada it is much too cold in the winter months to be homeless, yet every year there are individuals in this situation. It results in such extreme stress that these men and women need more than just physical healthcare to feel like a vibrant member of our community.”

“Donors like Pastor Jim and the Chinese Fellowship recognize how important it is to provide services which are client centred,” says Joyce Rankin, Clinical Manager. “Through Street Health’s nursing and community mental health teams, we are able to address a range of client needs. Providing support for the whole person, starting with their most immediate needs, is part of what makes Street Health’s services unique. We are thankful that so many individuals and religious groups understand why this is necessary and make continuing contributions to Street Health’s work.”