30 Donor Stories – A Special History of Giving

The giving history of some special donors goes back to Street Health’s earliest days.

When Michael Jewell and David Mintz began their catering business, their service focused on Toronto’s film industry. The 1990s were a time when many American productions filmed in Canada and also a time when the Canadian film industry was beginning to grow. “As our business grew, sometimes at the end of a film shoot we had large quantities of fresh food left over,” recalls Mike. They reached out to Second Harvest who helped them make some links to community groups who could help get this food to people in need. “This started our relationship with the community living in the Dundas and Sherbourne area.”


Early in the 1990’s Mike initiated a December lunch to help share the holiday spirit. Over the next few years, Mike expanded his giving to also include an event in the early spring celebrating Street Health’s anniversary. “We are often touched by donors who recognize that the needs of our clients may change throughout the seasons,” comments Joyce Rankin, Clinical Manager. “Many people think of donating during the holiday time and at the year end, but receiving donations at other times is equally as important to meeting the needs of our clients.”

“Over the years, I’ve always looked forward to our two annual Street Health lunches and anytime I’ve talked about it, I’ve found others who were equally willing to provide support in their own unique way. This has included one of my sons’ teachers who helped for a number of years, a dental company that participated and provided toothbrushes, and of course my friends and family who volunteer their time,” states Mike.

Recently Mike sold his catering business, but his support for Street Health continues. He connected Street Health with David Mintz Catering for the most recent anniversary lunch. The two collaborated, with Mike providing the equipment and David providing enough nutritious food to feed over 250 Street Health clients. “Giving back has always been my motivation. When you have a successful business and you are part of the community this needs to be shared.”

Street Health thanks Michael Jewell and all of our donors for making the time, effort and donations that make a difference for our clients.