Safe Supply Saves Lives- Don’t just take our word for it, hear from clients

As Safer Supply continues to make headlines around the country, take a moment to hear from the folks who have actually taken part in these programs.

Street Health is part of the Downtown Eastside Collaborative Safer Opioid Supply Program (SOS)

This service is a partnership between South Riverdale Community Health Centre and Regent Park CHC. Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses work alongside a dedicated Community Health Worker who provides information, individual support, and intake for Street Health clients who are interested in SOS.

Recently the program gathered feedback from more than 300 clients who have participated in the last 33 months. Check out the infographic below to see a visual representation of what the clients had to say about their experiences with SOS.



Prior to starting SOS, 63% rated their health as poor. Since being in the program 68% rate their health as good to excellent.

“It’s all gone up, my lungs feel better, my mind feels clear.”

“I’m less depressed, I have more of a routine, improved my self-care, changed my priorities, and handled stressful situations better.”

“I was using every day and it was taking over my life … I didn’t really do anything except use drugs and now I have a lot of things to do and my life is under control. I’m doing art and working.”


The increasing politicization of Safer supply and harm reduction as a method for tackling the poisoned drug crisis is dangerous to folks on the ground who desperately need the support. In light of the recent misinformation surrounding Safer Supply Programs, Street Health Manager Kelly White and Regent Park CHC, NP Jessica Hales, wrote an OP-ED in the Toronto Star that provides more insight into this program.


Click here to read the article in the Toronto Star.